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Welcome fellow pet lovers and thank you for taking an interest in my portrait services. Below you will find a selection of recent portraits, including client feedback, plus I'm always keen to paint new breeds and poses for you. For more information on pricing and how to book a commission, swing by the PRICES page then hop on over to FAQ page. Check out my TRADITIONAL gallery for more animal paintings.

Amy the chihuahua is 11 years old and an absolute angel. She loves nothing better than to curl up on a warm lap or dive under the doona on a cold night.

Her personalised floral embellishment is a Protea, her mum's favourite flower and Amy's name is painted in script to reflect her sweet nature.

Amy's portrait is A4 Medium size 21x30cm / 8x12" painted on tea-stained heavyweight Australian handcrafted watercolour paper with Australian handcrafted watercolour paints. All portraits are created with these same professional artist materials that support other local small business ventures.

The eyes are painted in first......

.....then the nose, mouth and the many layers of watercolour are applied to slowly build up the coat......

......and lastly the highlights, whiskers and personalised name and floral embellishments are added to complete the portrait.

I cant recommend kyles enough. The care,love and attention she puts into each piece of art work. Very talented and always compassionate. Anyone who chooses to ask Kyles to draw their fury loved one will NOT be dissapointed. Thankyou Kyles xox JE

Oliver the pug is a strong-minded 10 year old gentleman who does as he pleases - but a gentle mumma's boy at heart. Adored and worshiped by his family, he lives a life of luxury as all pugs feel entitled too!

A4 Medium 25x25cm / 10x10" square format was selected to best accentuate Oliver's rolly-polly roundness and simple scrolls were added to his name for a touch of elegance. 

Kyles is a very rare gem of an artist! She literally made my boy come to life on paper. Fantastic how she caught every last detail to the letter! I’m extremely happy and very proud to have worked with her and look forward to another very soon! DU

Handsome NZ boy Fred is a lovely, chillaxedAmerican Bulldog. He is very chilled out and at 48kgs as a one year old, is going to be a huge lad!

Fred's portrait is A4 Medium 21x30cm / 8x12" with simple scrolls to enhance his name and dignified look. Matcha & Earl Grey tea tinted hand-made paper.

Look at these guys! Such a ball painting little Julia and her sister Gnomie in their chosen attire to reflect their quirky personalities. A fun twist on a pet portrait which will bring their mum plenty of giggles in the coming years.

They were painted A4 Medium 21x30cm size on tea-stained heavy hand-made paper with hand-crafted watercolours. A pencil sketch was completed first for approval the rubbed back lighter for painting directly over the top of the image.

Kyles is the best. Her art work is unparalleled and she’s so kind and helpful when you want your dogs to be wearing festive hats. I look forward to commissioning many more portraits from her. KG
My beautiful girl passed a few months back and I asked Kyles if she could paint my little girl. She loved her life here and we loved having her in our family. Well, my oh my I have not stopped crying since I received her yesterday. She has captured her to the fullest. This lady has done the most wonderful job. She captured everything about her. I am so blessed to have found Kylie to do this for me. I will treasure this all and every day. I highly recommend Kyles Honeyman. Thank you once again! KF
She is absolutely the best artist! Her painting of my Tiny girl was perfect. It is precious!!! I highly recommend her!!! EL

Darling little Tiny the chihuahua was such a sweet girl to paint for her Mama in the USA. Lots of beautiful shades of colour to her coat and those big, dark, doe eyes!

Tiny was painted in A5 Plus 20x25cm / 8x10" on English Breakfast tea and pigment stained hand-made paper. Lilac irises and scrolls border the painting beautifully.

Little teddy-bear Charlie, cute as a button is missed dearly by her family after crossing the rainbow bridge. Her portrait is a loving gift from daughter to Mum and will be part of a beautiful remembrance. 

Charlie was painted in black and white style on A5 Small square format 18x18cm / 7x7" tea and pigment stained hand-made paper. Roses were painted beside her name to add a touch of feminine charm. 

The finished product was just beautiful but I really loved the contact that we had throughout the process, the developing product that she showed me, and the decisions that Kyles helped me make. My mum absolutely loved her gift. It is a beautiful keepsake of her beloved Charlie. Thanks so much Kyles . SR

Darling Ball was commissioned by her wonderful mum as a memorial. She was full of character, loved to lounge around on her back and had the most beautiful temperament.

A4 Medium 25x25cm / 10x10" square format was selected with rose sprigs to bookend her name. Paper was stained with green tea with the portrait painted in black and white style.

I had to have my dear old cat put to sleep in January and thought about getting a large photo of her printed but then I came across Kyles posts on facebook.  I received my beautiful artwork yesterday and it is absolutely stunning!!! Words cannot express my amazement at the image Kyles has created. The paper she used makes my dear old cat appear to be right there looking at me!!! Well done Kyles and Thank you!!!! A treasure to keep in memory of Ball. NC
Kyles' art is extraordinary and beautifully captures the subject with incredible detail. I can't even begin to say how pleased I am with my portrait which has captured the essence of my beautiful girl. I can't recommend Kyles highly enough. LJ

This sweetheart is Miss Kujo, ageing gracefully and Queen of her balmy northern Australian paradise. Her darling mum treated herself to this gift making Kujo's chihuahua buddies green with envy I'm sure!

Her portrait is A4 Medium 
21x30cm / 8x12" with calligraphy and classic scrolls. Australian Afternoon Tea was used to stain the paper along with the fabulously named 'Dragon's Blood' mineral watercolour. 

Kyles did a great job on both my kelpie dogs. One seemingly loved the camera and the other didn’t. Even with the one who didn’t, my father and I are very amazed with how great it turned out regarding the pictures we supplied. BF

Rusty is a kelpieX full of working dog energy and loved dearly by her Dad. She was commissioned as a gift from son to father and is great mates with Bella, a fellow kelpieX, a few paintings below.

Rusty's portrait is A4 Medium 
21x30cm / 8x12" with little muddy pawprints to match Bella's painting. She was a joy to paint with that gloriously sleek blue-black coat. 

Absolutely loved the portrait by Kyles Honeyman Artist! The finished product of my beloved dog that recently passed was so life like. 10/10 would recommend. MH

Bruce's portrait was commissioned by his lovely Mum, as a memorial gift for her own Dad who also misses this scruffy little fellow dearly.

A3 Large square format 36x36cm / 14x14" suited this delightful reference photo the best with a clean background and no calligraphy as requested.

Kyles did a great job on both my kelpie dogs. One seemingly loved the camera and the other didn’t. Even with the one who didn’t, my father and I are very amazed with how great it turned out regarding the pictures we supplied. BF

Beautiful Bella pup is a sprightly kelpie x border collie and the apple of her Dad's eye. Super smart, super sweet and super gorgeous to paint.

Bella's portrait is A4 Medium 21x30cm / 8x12" with little muddy pawprints to embellish her name and reflect her cheeky spirit.

Chihuahua pup Jacob is a supermodel in a little fur coat. Everyone who meets him is besotted and mesmerised by his amazing eyes! He was an absolute joy to paint and his Mum is thrilled. 

Jacob's portrait is A4 Medium square format 25x25cm / 10x10" with his Mum's favourite roses to embellish his name. His little feet were part of the pose and are just so darned cute!

The process from start to finish was easy and relaxing. I’d never done anything like this before and Kyles made it a pleasure all the way through. She really can’t do enough for you and the development of the portrait was fantastic to watch. Worth every penny and I will be using her again. You will not regret it -the portrait is amazing. Thanks Kyles! JC
"After searching for almost a year and ready to give up finding an artist to take on this special job, I discovered Kyles. In a few short weeks Kyles created the most amazing black and white portrait of a family pet who sadly passed suddenly last year. I can not express my gratitude enough not only did the picture represent our Luke so well but no little details were left out even down to the little mole on his face. This portrait will be treasure forever and will sit above his ashes for all to admire and remember. Thank you again!" KS

Elegant Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) boy Luke was a much loved family member who sadly passed away unexpectedly before his time.

His portrait is A4 Medium square format 25x25cm / 10x10" and is painted in my black and white style with tea stained background.

"Had a portrait of my mums recently deceased dog done by Kyles. Amazing!!!! The resemblance is uncanny. Highly recommend." SH

Beautiful Brandy is a cocker spaniel who has now passed over the rainbow bridge. This portrait was commissioned by her mum's lovely children, who also grew up with Brandy, as a memorial gift to remember her by.

Brandy's portrait size is the popular A4 Medium 21x30cm / 8x12" and has been embellished with roses as they are a favourite of Brandy's mum who is an avid rose gardener. Full body portrait was painted as the photo suited it best. 

"Amazing work by Kyles! I asked her to paint a picture of my partners dog Taz as a gift and OMG ITS AMAZING! Thank you soooo much for your amazing talent, I'm so glad I found you!" SF

Handsome Taz is a bullyx with the most gorgeous expressive ears and amber eyes. He loves car rides and hanging out with his lovely humans.

Taz's personalised embellishment is a flowering Aussie gum that befits his outdoorsy lifestyle and his portrait size is A4 Medium 21x30cm / 8x12".

Dear old George is a Maltese Shih Tzu I was commissioned to paint as a Mother's Day gift. He has sadly passed on and I hope this portrait brings his family comfort and pleasant memories.

His personalised embellishment is bluey purple orchids, his mum's favourite flower, and his portrait is painted A4 Medium square format size 25cm x 25cm / 10x10".  

"My husband for mothers day came up with the idea to get a painting of my mums beautiful dog that passed away a month or so before. We came across Kyles Facebook page and all I can say is WOW. Kyle sent progress pictures from start to finish and my mum and step father were just amazed at the painting. Highly recommend and will definantly be using her again. Thank you so much Kyle you did an amazing job!" JH 
"Where do I begin? My 7 yr old long haired chihuahua (Zippy) was diagnosed with prostate cancer on April 12th, 2018. He was given 2 weeks-2 months to live. My husband and I were devastated, to say the least. I found Kyles’ watercolour of her chihuahua (Amy) on a post. I was amazed by the detail. I contacted her to paint our boy. Kyles was fantastic to work with! She gave several updates and, dare I say, asked for my opinion. I must have contacted her 2 dozen times with new thoughts and information. And not one time did she seem frustrated or bothered by my input. In fact, she welcomed it! The end result was nothing short of spectacular! This was a surprise gift for my husband and he was overwhelmed by the likeness. I cannot recommend Kyles highly enough. Her talent is beyond compare. Kudos to Kyles!" KR

Zippy is a super handsome long haired chihuahua from the USA who is dearly loved by his family but only has limited time left in this world.

His personalised floral embellishment is sprigs of beautiful Lilac, his mum's favourite flower and his portrait size is A5 Plus 20cm x 25cm / 8"x10". 

"I recently asked Kyles to complete a special cat pet portrait and the result was nothing short of amazing. Kyles is not only such a talented artist but was also a pleasure to deal with all throughout the process. Super happy with the end product and would highly recommend" KA

Beautiful Charlotte was a memorial portrait for her family to cherish. Her amazing tuxedo markings and startling eyes were an absolute joy to paint.

Her personalised embellishments are delicate red roses to represent how dearly she was loved and her portrait size is A5 Small 15x21cm / 6x8".


All images © 2018 Kyles Honeyman