I want you to be totally in love with your pet's portrait so if you are not completely satisfied with the result, a full refund will be issued. I look forward to working with you to capture the special character of your pets - fur kids, feathered friends or other. Please check out the size and pricing table below then head on over to the FAQ page where you'll find all the information you need to know about commissioning a unique hand-painted artwork to treasure.


~ Professional level, finely detailed, original artwork 

~ Realistic likeness, physical accuracy and individual personality  

~ Personalised embellishments specific to you and your pet

~ Peace of mind via friendly communications and timely progress updates

~ Australian made quality artist's materials supporting local small business

~ Eco-friendly recycled packaging to help tread lightly on our earth

~ 100% satisfaction - full refund if not delighted with your purchase

Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) - international customers please use currency converter below price table 

As the size and detail of each portrait is created bespoke just for you, it is difficult to publish fixed prices that apply to every option. I appreciate price will be a consideration in your purchase so I have listed some standard pricing for you to consider. If you would like something to suit your own requirements, feel free to get in touch to discuss your ideas including budget, size, number and type of pets and we can work out a quote to suit - no obligation.

SIZE RECTANGLE SQUARE 1 PET B&W 2 PET B&W 1 PET Colour 2 PET Colour 3 PET Colour 4 PET Colour
A6 Mini 11cm x 15cm 13cm x 13cm $85 - $125 - - -
A5 Small 15cm x 21cm 18cm x 18cm $150 $175 $220 $270 - -
A4 Medium 21cm x 30cm 25cm x 25cm $225 $275 $385 $460 $535 -
A3 Large 30cm x 42cm 36cm x36cm $395 $470 $675 $775 $875 $975
A2 X Large 42cm x 60cm 51cm x 51cm $690 $790 $1180 $1305 $1430 $1555

B&W(black and white) painted using varied tones of black watercolour to achieve a grey-scale version of your pet's colouring and markings
COLOUR ~ painted using varied tones of many different coloured watercolours to achieve the best likeness of your pet's unique colouring and markings
All prices are for artwork only. Framing is not included. Payment plans available. 

POSTAGE within Australia
A6 Registered Post $5
A5 & A4 Registered Post $10
A3 & A2 Registered Post $15
Includes $100 insurance or you can purchase more

A6 Registered Post International $15
A5 & A4 Registered Post International $25
A3 & A2 Please contact me for a quote 
Includes $100 insurance or you can purchase more


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